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So I finally had a spare moment and went through this big plastic bag my grandmother had given me two? days ago marked with "For Jeff when older."

It was filled with pictures and documents pertaining to me in some way. A lot of pictures of my mom and even more surprising my dad.


And I thought I could write this without crying. Again. I don't even know why it makes me do it.

There's pictures of my grandparents and one or two of my aunt when my mom was very young. There's a document in there that lets me know at some point my dad (I never knew his middle name was Karl I don't think) found out he had Scottish ancestry (lord Melville!). There's wedding photo's of my dad and mom.

There's my mom's commencement hand out. And the one from my Academic decathlon where I made champion at state.

Most of the pictures I don't even remember. There's me playing with this big poodle?! and there's some of my family at this farm place...and...there's a few letters from my mom to my g'rents...

It's so odd. I have all these pictures of past life, with my own childhood too...but when it comes to the family stuff, it's odd...pictures without context, but faces and people who are important. The one time I really tried to get my g'rents to talk about my mom's past they couldn't...

I wonder if now might be the right time. Or if maybe I can get my mom to open up while she talks about the pictures.

Or something. I don't even know where I was going with this. Just...wow.

Yeah. Shower time. Then food time. Then work time (where I will NOT obsess over that meeting I had with my managers - everyone had it! - and....).

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