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And isn't today the Sabbath?

My apartment got broken into. Not even sure how. All the windows are locked, door was too. I knew something was wrong as soon as I got home and saw the trash can in the middle of the driveway...

They took a large chunk of my DVD’s, the PS2 and all related games, my sword!, and a good deal of my jeans.

Some shirts, I think. Don't really keep my clothes cataloged. Surprised they didn't take my computer or some of the things worth actual money in the apt. At first I'd thought they'd taken my router too, but it appears they just snagged it behind the TV when they took the ps2.

Waiting on the police.

Oh fraptous day.

edit1: Digicam gone (this makes the second one to be stolen). One dagger (but not all). I think actually most of my pants are there, just rifled through. They did go through my closets. They went through my desks but didn't apparently see anything worth stealing, including my checkbook and some credit cards thank god. Need to go through my important papers folder, as that was rifled through...
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