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Unexepected surprises.

Rally's gave me 2 free apple pies. When I went to throw away my bag after eating my chicken sandwiches it felt heavier than it should. Lo and behold.

The universe heard me when I said I wanted some apply desert apparently.

Now if only I had someone to share them with. =)
In other news, DST happened and omfg the world might have ended. I'm drowning in work that hasn't gotten done merely because we're trying to assure people that that one hour of their life? Yeah. It's okay to miss it. NO REALLY.

Okay so it's more that times are 'off' by an hour this way or that all over the g'd place...

What really amuses the f* outta me is that one customer has flat out REFUSED to comply with the required java update for java applets. They're demanding that we use an older version. *boggle* We won't even start on their insistence that their Win2k machines are incapable of upgrading at all. To compound this little amusement, they're our most demanding customer...when our internal servers were having a little trouble accessing a time server and got off sync by 5 minutes you might have thought they were going to commit murder! And now they want to DELIBERATELY introduce a huge error in time...because it would be inconvenient for them to upgrade their java. Inconvenient for us to have to deal with the stupidest law ever (or at least one of). Inconvenient for me to have to listen to them bitch. Inconvenient for everyone, but your the only one whining. (ignore this journal) GROW UP. :P

I just can't understand corporations. AT ALL. Stupidity is stupid no matter how big you are. I had to mute someone on the phone to not laugh in their face. I like my job better than that. But lord.
Oh, sidenote? Rednecks should not be allowed to use computers.

About that work...

*munches on an apple pie and yays* It's the little pleasures that keep me going these days.

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