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Breathe, just breathe.

Stand and center. Don't fight. Breathe out the rage.

Ground and center. Close your eyes. Stand up straight.

Ground and center. Let your knees unlock. Let the tension evaporate like the wind.

Hear that? That's Mother Nature howling at you. Let Her. Soak it in. Open your eyes, but don't see. Let the white bleed around the red, let the white soothe.

See yourself, like a mountain, your heart full of molten lava. Lock yourself in that place, calm. The gusts, they push you, but they cannot move you. The cold, it cannot reach you.

Stop. Breathe. Feel the breath, coat it with tension, let it go. Give it away. Relax.

Smile. Listen. She's not howling, She's caressing now. Work with Her.

Close your eyes. Just be calm in the center and spread it deeply in yourself. Feel the breath push its way to your toes, to your fingers.

Being mad at some things changes nothing. You are You and She will always be Herself.

Remember that.

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