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Happy Birthday 'da: Want to be entertained? ;)

We shall properly start with an icon war. If you but want one link, visit this!

Ever wanted to properly adjust your monitors colors? I present to you Huey.

This gains originality points: A laser guided pool cue you say? Yup.

And if pool can be made better by using lasers, then so can chess don't you think?

But then, you probably think I'm crazy and need to be tied up? Knot enough?

Oh, you know you make sounds while you're driving.

This little diddy is from Muncie, mocking SNL. If you don't (or haven't) lived here, it's not funny, I bet. Middle Coast - Muncie IN?

And lo, there was a glowing shower head. As if I needed any more reasons to stay in the shower, I give you this, which is quite possibly heaven on earth.

A real world guide to MMORPGS. It's funny. :P And while we're on the topic of MMORPG videos, poor Billy Maclure. I will quest in a mine, underground...

...While thinking incendiary thoughts while wearing a big blue dress?

And then afterwards I shall sit down and drink milk and watch the latest in ad campaign technology.

Speaking of leet equipment, what about ergonomic paddles? (mostly for bemocked since I don't know that anyone else kayaks!)

And what could be leeter than a ninja whose a doctor? (I need to find an rss feed of this)

Also, we need to mock Microsoft more about the ipod (IPOD?) I think.

This guy makes neat machines. However this guy does it with Legos.

And of course we all know that legos make everything better. Clocks, lie detectors, games like counterstrike, macs, and even pinball!

Oh, you want a nice house? How about this one in Atlanta? Slaves not included. :(

In a more serious vein, this gentleman has some absolutely amazing photography.

By now, I'm sure, you've LOL'd at least once, right? Well then: here you are. It'd make a great icon if you could tell what it was at LJ size.

Especially because after reading this tale of turning a red paperclip into a house, you will LOL and wonder what, precisely, all those people were drinking.

We all know I like books. And well, the idea of ibooks haven't had much appeal, but this gizmo has me mightily intrigued.

But if I had one, I'd need a case made of something like titanium. They have sexy laptop cases too! Course, if I really wanted to make it sexy, I'd pick me up one of the screen to eye gizmos. (they even have ones that work with ipod...)

Speaking of toys, well. I harbor a secret desire for small RC type things and We have some good websites for those too: http://airhogs.com/ & http://tycorc.com/us/index.asp & http://wildplanet.com/ & http://www.rctoys.com/ (their idea of toys are stupidly expensive!)

Every now and again you come across some really unique stuff...http://nocturnal-devil.deviantart.com/ → Worth looking at. Some very dark comiclike stuff. And then of course to counter it, for all you cubicle workers, I give you your song (ala Weird Al).

And because of melydia, I came across the make your own (de)motivation. Enjoy. :)

"Of course, tot-baiting is only one way to turn food energy into noise and destruction." → I think this applies to kittens too.

"...radiated the kind of fury that makes people wary on a primal level." → Thanks ayradyss. Sometimes I wonder if this is still true.

"I've been AWOL myself a few times. Always a good story."
"We'll need weapons and ammo, and the whiskey too of course."

"The basis of our story is the galaxy. There are quite a few stories out there." - Gene Rodenberry → And we shall continue to try and tell them in your memory Gene.

"Infidel defilers. They shall all drown in lakes of blood. Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark. Now they learn why they fear the night." → Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones)

Kiss me and you will see stars. Love me and I will give them to you. - Hook

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