Spirit (daimones) wrote,

Life is stranger than fiction, yes?

Why is it that thriller/conspiracy writers seem to think that large scale conspiracies involving biological warfare are feasible?

Are they really that paranoid that everyone is out to get them? But I really suppose the question is...are the people that read it, buying it?

My problem is this: I can buy large scale conspiracies at directed targets. I can't buy it at undirected ones, especially involving the vagrancies of biology. I can beleive biological warfare as an uncontrolled strike though, don't get me wrong. That's not a conspiracy, that's an act of war.

This has to be the..3rd?..book I've listened to that has this basic plot: Man invents virus, virus kills people, man becomes powerful.

This one is worse than the other two (one was worse in the details, but the originating plot was believeable enough: Enviromentalists get sick of 'humanity' so want to cull the 'herd') in that many people in the US Goverment are involved, from various different factions, an entire company + board of directors is on board...but apparently all these people are okay with killing millions of people all over the globe in a direct attempt to make money. And all of these people are trustworthy enough to keep a secret like this for the ten years it took to develop the virus...

I enjoy the the genre, even with its predictability but honestly. Ah well, back to seeing what happens next to the intrepid hero.

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