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Captains log.

Guess what I've been watching? I'm thinking I might, as I watch each season, go and collect the next. Now that I've started, anyways. I spent like 3 hours today reading up on metadata about yonder universe spread amongst various wiki's. Kinda makes me miss Aaron/College. Good memories, and more specifically, good conversation about Star Trek. He was the first Trekkie I ever got to know. Tried to get me to learn how to play the Star Trek card game, but I liked magic too much to get addicted to another one at that point...anyways.

Taking a page from quin..

Why am I too stupid to relent?
No specifics - Me.

So now I'll go grocery shopping since food is wonderful thing. :)

p.s. Snowboarding indoors? what will they think of next: http://www.yahoo.com/s/471840
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