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I really like this idea (click and watch).


My day in brief:

Wake up, WoW (Did I ever write about getting keylogged?), Shower, G'rents/Mom's Place, Office Depot for office supplies and a new chair for me (take 2, not yet assembled), then back to point of origin, cook & assist in making French onion soup, paired with chicken that's been skillet fried, than baked in a sautéed mixture of white wine, 4 different types of mushrooms, garlic, various herbs, and more onions...and covered in gruyere cheese. Best part of meal, most of the ingredients were shared between the two. Ease and taste. STtNG. Then out with the mom and g'rents for Christmas chopping. Make g'ma happy with gift of winter coat, gloves, and a purse since the purse she had broke while we were at the store. Convenient, enh? G'pa cries. WTF?

Home. Respond to various messages. Think much about last night's conversation of ambush (ongoing, really). Realize I enjoyed today.

WTH. :)
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