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Sweet goddamned irony.

So, I bought the new HD. 250g sata2 7200 rpm for 85 dollars.

Come home, gut things. Find XP CD.

Go to install.

XP oh so helpfully says, 'Btw, you need a chkdisk on this HD of yours.'

Okay, says I.

Btw, did you know this other HD has some corruption on it? Probably not, so I'll just fix it for you. /runs chkdsk

Me: I'm a god damned NOOB.


I should, for safety's sake, probably back this drive up and use the new one, but I want to image the whole damned drive. I don't want to go through the 'trouble' of reinstall all my drivers, etc.

Since we've learned I'm too stupid to remember to do something as intelligent as run chkdsk or a Linux alternative on my HD's, anyone want to help a noob out who happens to have a smart suggestion on how to mirror an entire HD? :P

*roots around* Somewhere I have Norton's ghosting util...but if anyone has a smarter suggestion, please. Let me know.
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