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Boston, the final trip. - Spirit — LiveJournal
Boston, the final trip.
Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Day 4: Maine. It was, as predicted, rainy and gloomy. So much so that by the time we got to our costal destination, there was nothing to see but fog, really. Still, there was wandering on the beach, yearning to jump on rocks in the sea, and in general enjoyment. Stayed at http://www.belfastharborinn.com/index.html for the curious, tho their wifi is a joke. :P Ate at a restaurant right next to the inn where I had the best chowdah. You can see it in the picture. Honestly I should have brought my swimming suit if I'd known the pool was heated...even if it was probably closed. :P Didn't do much here, the weather being gloomy had gotten to us...so we watched the travel channel on TV there (They had real TV there. It was amazing.) and some food network and some what happened to child actors, etc. All in all a good time.

Day 5: In the morning you could almost see the bay! ... and then the storm blew in. Right. So, let us depart. In the words of Dach's boss: "Can't get there from here." The roads were annoying, and I got us lost amidst much laughter at criss crossing the same area while making slightly incremental progress. :P Eventually we made it back to Boston where I actually got to meet said boss. Neat guy. Wish my boss was half as cool, even if I can see how it could be 'annoying'.

Here's where it gets fuzzy on timeline. ;P There was more wandering around Boston on foot, seeing the sites, oogling the pretty women buildings, a trip to the Museum of Science that was a bit shorter than I would have wanted, but fun nonetheless. It had butterflies. I wanted to see the omni theater thing, but no, not for me. Stoopid scheduling. There was a steak house next to a theater (there was intentions on seeing the new bond that never happened cause damn did all their theaters sell out at any convenient time) some guys jostling me in the crowd and telling me I needed to watch my step (yay drunk idiots!), fenway, the citgo sign of no gas station...

Unfortunately, the ending part means I need to leave. The flight back was good. I like airports and flying. I depressurized some, read, napped, yearned out the window...then came home into depression. :P Lisa's having...problems. My mother was bleh cause my grandpa's memory is...failing him. :( And of course I was tired, had to unpack, get things done, visit...

And I got to find out that my WoW account had been compromised. Poof. Mostly all gone. :(

Eventually I gave up, watched LotR with dragoni82 and fell asleep. Then when I woke up and went to take a quick shower before work? The water pressure was gone. :P

Fort Wayne is trying to tell me something, I think.

OH. p.s. http://pics.livejournal.com/daimones/gallery/0000xzg7 -> If you require any explanations, please, ask. :P I'm sadly not the voracious interesting photographer, but I make do.
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jeannee From: jeannee Date: November 21st, 2006 04:50 am (UTC) (Link)

When are we going back to Boston?

All of my Boston pictures are still on the memory cards and not on the computer.. and after seeing your pictures, I just realized I have absolutely no pictures of myself in Boston. I have lots of pictures of trees with colored leaves, since I don't really ever get to see that here in south Louisiana. ;)
daimones From: daimones Date: November 21st, 2006 06:17 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: When are we going back to Boston?

There is something to be said for nature's herald of winter. A blanket of color and riot to revel in; to forget the oncoming cold and just breathe in the last of what was.

And this coming from a boy who wants to live in a temperate clime. :P
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