Spirit (daimones) wrote,

Day 2 & 3, Buhston.

I knew I should have posted this when my memory was fresher, but here goes.

Day 2:

Lunch: http://allstarsandwichbar.com/ -> Good chili.

After, a http://bostonducktours.com/ (pictures forthcoming at some point) which was a lot of fun. The driver was great.

Then after, we went back to get a couple of pictures and wander through some of the areas. The Commons, Gardens, Arlington & couple of the other housing streets...wanted to get into Trinity church, but it was dark'ish by this point so meh. Still wandered outside and a bit inside. Copley square was neat too in general, what with some of the open air stalls sellin' stuff.

Decided to hit the Boston Public Library...yay, books. Yay more art. Yay architecture. Boo for getting lost and only feeling like I could see not even 1/10th of the building...course, a lot of old buildings are like that. Specially government old buildings. It's the same thing in me that wants to travel along the old trails that makes me want to explore every nook and cranny in buildings, I'm sure.

Then *somebody* mentioned a lego store. So. Off to the lego store and general mall and time wasting for fun. Came back and ate downtown boston at http://www.classicirish.com/kinsale_about.html where our dinner ended up being free cause our waiter FORGOT about us. :P The live music was fantabalous up until the stupid construction somewhere in the building began to try and compete. :(

Day 3:

Drive to NH where the intent was to see Mount Washington. Unfortunately for our intrepid explorers, most of the place has closed down cause it's a seasonal gig. So there was much driving around and yearning to explore (see above!) but mostly just random sightseeing. Checked in to hotel, then shopped at outlet store where I found something for me! tho I don't know when/where I'll get to wear. Still. Also found a kitchen utensil I've been trying to find forever. :P The hotel we're in too is pretty nice, as well. They even had a pacman game.

Tomorrow is more sightseeing, hopefully without seasonal problems, in..uh..maine? VT? fuck if I know. :P Not really sure what the itinerary is, tho it'd probably help if I go to bed. So on that note. Bedtime.

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