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Day 1 - Bawston.

I suppose technically it would start with the plane trip. It was't bad at all, the flight from FWA to CVG was good and on time. It was when things go to CVG where hangsup began. Apparently there was a backlog of people...flights going into Philly where delayed horribly and they were advising some people that if they could they might want to look into getting reservations for the night, etc. Eventually, about 2 hours late, my plane arrived, and off to Boston I went. I was hoping to get a decent view of Boston from the air since it's a neat airport to fly into, but alas, the fog cover from the rain that had precipitated the two hour delay prevented any such. My escort arrived, we figured out how to start her zipcar again (silly girl), and to the comfy little apartment we went, via the scenic route.

So then the morning occurred! I can sum up my day in 3 sequential links.

http://www.nba.com/celtics/ (they lost to Orlando)

Good seats too. I took a few pictures at the NBA game, since it was a good venue to play with my new digicam. Also, amusingly enough, one of the most captivating pieces of art at the MFA was a piece by Ms. O'keefe. (Red terre, yellow sky, iirc). I found a gift for dragoni82 so I hope she'll appreciate it. :)

The owner of the above resturant amused me. Him to my waiter: "You'll get him whatever he wants!" And have I mentioned that prosciutto is amazing stuff? Cause I really should. The appetizer it was served with too is easy. I'll have to remember to do it myself. I intend to eat well while I'm here. :) The foodie in me demands it.

Anyways. I had a day full of more walking than I'm used too, which reminds me that I need to get a decent set of walking/running shoes, cause my ankles badly need the support. I got to bumble around, see a few sights, etc...

Good day 1. Tomorrow is...who knows. The rain may change plans, since the weather here isn't going to be overly spectacular. There was going to be hiking in NH or ME or some such, but dismal visual conditions aren't any fun for a sightseeing trip. My host has kindly taken it upon herself to arrange tours and schedules and things to do, and I'm just mostly taking it day by day.

Yay, vacation.
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