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In a somewhat desperate bid to try and stay awake, I'm going to write a bit here.

I was invited to dinner with dragoni82, her sister & sister's husband, and two friends of said husband. Also, this dinner is why I'm awake. At the time of said call asking me if I wanted to go, food seemed a good idea. After moving around and even upon eating said food, my stomach and body both mightily disagreed. Ah well. Bygones will be. For some reason I'm not entirely certain of, the conversation devolved into discussion about teachers and such.

At any rate, while listening to tales of woe about anal teachers and how big of a stick one must have up one's anal cavity to be a pre 1800 literature buff, I was thinking about my own teachers. I didn't really have much to add to the conversation as I can't think of any particular teacher who terrified me, or who was the sort to give stories out about. At least not of the caliber being discussed. :P Through some magical conjunction of public schooling, time, and space, I've been lucky.

Pre 2nd Grade: I don't remember much teacher-wise. Germany's a distant memory, a childhood picture book with emotional overtones. School itself even less memorable. Memories around schooling I have, like bus rides, being forgotten at a bus stop, crap like that. But not really school itself. Tho there was that one time the big gym ball ran over me?

2nd Grade: Stateside now, Miss Hidelburg? Something like that. She was nice enough. She discovered my somewhat ongoing aversion to math. To explain. When I was younger, math was my bane. At some point it 'clicked'. While I'll never be a math major and the concepts of advanced mathematics will probably always elude me in execution, at this point in my life 2+2 hurt. :) She made me work at it though, and I think that's why I've gotten where I have today with the subject. While math may be hard to me, it will eventually work for me if I apply myself.

3rd Grade: Ms. Orr. Sorry teacher, I still can't write pretty cursive. And sorry I acted out in yer class a lot. I was mad at my parents. Or something. Mostly I have no social skills to speak of, and still to this day don't. :P A love of science and nature I can take from you tho. The 'garden' (I’m sure there's a better name for it) that the school built out back was your baby, and I'm glad you let me work on it. I enjoyed it immensely. You don't know that I still sneak over the fence on occasion and listen to the pond and look at the memorial to Ian. They kinda let it get run down to in the way of all projects who pass on longer than their makers in public schooling. Oh, and that play you made me memorize/do? I hated it at the time, I know it seemed liked it..but I really did enjoy it.

4th Grade: Mr. Hartley. You had a loft built above the coat rack where I could -read-. You gained instant cool points. Also, you liked animals. And hunting. I remember snake and crocodile, rabbit, squirrel, and other things being interesting tasty bits. Also, I remember thing laserdiscs were the coolest things ever. And the -toys-. you had the best toys. Looking back, sure, they were sciencey teachy versions of legos, connectix, and their engineering counterparts, but they were still fun. So was attempting to be a geek with the macs you had.

5th Grade. Mr...? Sorry, the most I remember about you was that I completely outread everything you ever gave me, and the laugh we got out of you when the twins kept switching and you didn't realize it. Also you let me sit near Crystal, the first redhead I ever had a crush on. :)

Other teachers were my music teacher who finally got me to sing and such in 5th grade for that one musical. And my gym teacher who let me climb and be gymnastic to my hearts content. Woot.

6-8th were structured differently. I don't remember all the teachers. I remember not being so great at the structure, since it required more sociability, something we know I'm meh at. Also, I was having depression issues. Forgive. I didn't really get over them until 11th grade. :) The principal was nice at school, till we got a new one. She sucked. As for teachers, well.

6th grade social studies teacher terrified me, I remember that. :( She was mean. That's really all I remember being specific to 6th grade, excepting wanting to get to 7th grade so I could get into the summer program of coolness that Mr Ping? taught. More on that...OH! And my 6th grade science teacher. He was a geologist freak, and gave me a bit of love there that without him I would never have had, mostly a depth in the 'physical sciences'. He was a good teacher.

7th grade. Spanish/English teacher. You were probably my first (and only that I can think of) teacher crush. That aside, you did give me something else. Trust that I could tackle the big bad world of 'adult reading'. The first 'big' book I ever read was Ken Follet, Pillars of the Earth (which I recommend to anyone, it's a great book), and then after you saw that I tackled that, you never shied away from letting me read or ask questions about whatever I wanted in that regard. You respected my intention to 'grow up'. You even took me home once cause I was sick and you had the period free. :) My spanish/english teachers must have had a gift (more on that later)...:)

Also during this year was my music teacher who tried valiantly to nurture my love of the piano, but couldn't get past my seeming inability to make musical scales translate into something I could 'get'.

Mr Ping as a teacher I don't remember much about, but he did have some other impact. First was the science Olympiad. Me and Sean did that in middle school and did fairly well. TENNIS BALL CANNON. What, accuracy at football field a bit of over-engineering? Sure, maybe. But the expression on your face when we could hit our target at that length? Seriously. Also. Science program over the summer? COOLEST THING EVER. I've been to more caves, campgrounds, hiking, etc, because of him. And my ongoing love of it, tho under-nurtured, is all this programs fault. Coming out of caves covered in mud? Check. Canoeing down river, discarding clothes due to water damage? Check. Sunburns? Oh yes. Becoming immune to poison ivy cause I got it so damn much? Check. :) Lots of memories here, all of them good (except for the lonely, but that was hardly your fault). Oh, and we can't forget how amused you were at my ability to climb -anything-. Or your horrified expression when I did back flips out of trees. Into think air. Over cave walls. And into water. you were =so= mad...

Anyways. Grade 8. More summer programming, also Mr. Ambrose. He was the 'cool' science teacher. More science Olympiad. More cannon'ing. In fact, it might have been him who helped us get the football thing. Dun remember.

Other teachers of note. The shop teacher who helped me make things. I wish I could do more with shaping wood and metal, I really did enjoy it. My mom until recently had the mirror I made too. I think Terry still might have the other one. I still own the candle holder I made of sheet metal. The English teacher who helped me discover Ged (Leguinn), and for whose class I had to memorize Paul Revere's Ride. I still remember parts of it. :P And the English teacher I never had in class, but who was also a football player and who broke up a fight by the simple expedient of wading in, grabbing the guy who was beating down the other kid, and slamming him against a wall, holding him *twitching* above the ground, asking the kid if he wanted a piece of you too. That was pure artistry.

And that's up to about high school. Note how other than a mean social studies teacher (and no, I can't remember any specific mean ness, just that I didn't like her) we just have good times. A bit of love for learning in general, with an emphasis on science. But that's my alarm for work in 10 minutes.

/shrug - Ignore if you'd like, just reminiscing.

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