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TV on the Intrawebs. - Spirit — LiveJournal
TV on the Intrawebs.
Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful
I just got done watching the first episode of Heroes which you can kindly watch through Yahoo at: http://tv.yahoo.com/feature/fall06/?d=503

I must admit, I r intrigued. I enjoyed the not so subtle mention of x-men actually since that comic and this show obviously share a background. Be curious to know what the network plans to do with it (the theme) though and more specifically the show.

In other news, if every day at work goes like this one did, this next few weeks won't be so bad on the work front, at least. Tho I'm very quickly beginning to despise outlook even more than I already did. :P
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arafel_sidhe From: arafel_sidhe Date: September 20th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Tee-hee. Thank you for the linksie - I watched it at work :) I'm so naughty!
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