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I'm supposed to be a mind reader. - Spirit — LiveJournal
I'm supposed to be a mind reader.
Current Mood: aggravated aggravated
At least, I think that's what work wants me to be.

Bruce, one of the help desk fellas from work came in early to get some work done since a major system that they use has been down so things are going slowly. I bet it'll make training fun too...which is kind of where I'm going with this. He let drop that I was supposed to be at work on Tuesday, and had I gotten an email from Richard (another help desk sort, and the guy whose going to be training me) telling me a password for a particular system since it's the first one I'll need. I'm like, 'Uh. No. I haven't heard from anyone...'

*sighs* I left a message with my current supervisor since I don't have HR's # at home basically saying, 'Do you know what I'm supposed to do? Let me know, or put me in touch with someone who does. Love, yours truly. Idiot.'

My sarcasm is going to get me in more trouble, I swear to you. But I really can't stand inefficiency from a procedural point of view. If there's any thing I'm good at, it's paring down a thing to its essence. It's what makes me a good programmer, imho. It also makes me loathe stupid office policies and paperwork that servers no purpose other than to kill trees and litter a file cabinet. Give me a proper electronic office and the power to make decisions, damn you.

Anyways. I'm digressing. I CANNOT COME INTO WORK TO A NEW JOB NOT KNOWING MY SCHEDULE ON LESS THAN 12 HOURS NOTICE. No really. I'd like to plan my life, and work is something I plan around, not for. Your my paycheck, not my joy.

Speaking of joy. Remember my blue phone? I can put in -ringtones- into the thing. One of the preprogrammed ones is the predominant lemming song. ♥
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arafel_sidhe From: arafel_sidhe Date: August 30th, 2006 10:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, for joy, ringtones! But why do you heart the lemming song if you're mad at lemmings right now? Silly boy!

Hope the new job works out and gets less frustrating!
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