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Retail therapy is good.

Today, I needed to buy orange juice. Along the way I checked into the DVD section and came away with several, most selected based on a peculiar selection criteria: Can I actually make dragoni82 watch this and enjoy it?

I also bought a new phone, since the cost between a new phone and a new battery was minimal enough that I decided I liked blue. I'm such a consumer whore. I then proceeded to call my godfather with it, only to get his answering machine. I keep playing phone tag with him, and it annoys me so. Perhaps soon I can take some time to go visit him. And maybe, just maybe, I can get him to teach me how to 'properly' drive a stick shift. Why might I want to learn that? Oh. Who knows. :) Besides, I have need of his wisdom for another heartache of mine. He's never failed me before, I have the utmost faith he will continue this trend.

My shirt still hasn't arrived. Grr. Also, I'm pondering buying a new fan mouse, one lesson already learned from the first. Make sure there's no fake leather or whatever have you on it. My battery acid for skin eats it alive and thus leaves me with black streaks on my fingers, etc. If I could get one with a slightly faster fan, I would be content. If I could get one with a thumb button as well? Oh gracious me. Anyways.

Apparently everyone but me knows that this is my last weekend at my current position. But until someone in a supervisory position actually either calls me, emails me, sends me a letter/memo/fax SOMETHING, I'm going to soldier on.

Lemmings btw, can die a horrible death. I cannot get past this level and I'm mad at it. :( I've been stuck there for at least two weeks.

Speaking of games, I'm enjoying playing my baby girls in WoW. I have two 60's, and am fairly certain I won't level anything else till the expansion hits, which at that point I'll be leveling those two maidens to 70, with Sally coming first. For the most part I enjoy the guild I'm in now with Sally; though with any such, there are a few people and attitudes I wish I could toss of a cliff. I'm almost back to content I've never done before. GASP SHOCK HORROR. It might even become non-tedious again. Tho I do so wish the guild tanks were better...then I might be able to let Sally truly go wild, but alas every time I try, I just end up dead. Too much stabby, not enough hate. Alas. My other baby girl is my tank and I actually enjoy playing her *more* than Sally because being a tank is more satisfying and demanding of me. I often find myself leaning forward in my seat with Evyn trying to make sure I keep the nasty mob-types away from my nice helpful supporting cast. Unless they're being stupid, and then I let them die. :P The problem with Evyn is this. I rolled her on a server to play with a particular person. That person pretty much barely talks to me anymore. The guild I'm in, while a moderately competent raiding guild is less mature and more transitory than the guild I'm in with Sally so raiding with them is...enh. Not to mention at the moment time conflicts. Usually I just raid with Sally and enjoy it more since the guild is more appreciatory. But the point being is that I'm all alone more or less on a 'foreign' server, with a character on the wrong 'side' (alliance). So transferring her would be pointless, mostly. But aside from all that, it's fun pugging with Evyn, even if it frustrates me on occasion. It's an escape. With Sally I was in a 'real' guild so I got to skip the 'joy' of painful endgame instance stupidity. Also now with the new PvP system, it's not entirely unfun with my rogue. Shame the two servers aren't in the same battlegroup. Be fun to decimate my 'other' guild mates. ;) Oh, might I add that PvP with PuG's, with a prot specced tank is an exercise in futility and frustration. ;P

Not that any of most of you care about the above. I also miss the paladin I'll never see again, but expansion, well, the horde gets them....=) I just sometimes wonder why I sink so much time and thought into the game and what I get out of it, perse. I enjoy it, I do. There's a thrill in it...there's something. But at other times? I also enjoy programming add-ons for said game...and tweaking at them endlessly...anyways. The point was the 'what do I get out of this, and why, if I can't answer that, am I drawn in?'

I know one thing for true: I don't get to play with my friends often enough. :)

Which reminds me, in an odd way, of a conversation I recently had with dragoni82. About peering into a person and seeing who they are by what words they use, when they use them, and the things they do in the context of the action. The hidden clues that people exhibit about themselves, their natures. Or at least the ones I think exist. And like most such, my belief is the power behind the ideal, or so I see it. Too bad I can't turn this eye upon myself, feel the weight of my own self...

At any rate.

Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my oldest companions: vacillate. Soon she'll be bringing another life into this world, and I await to see the future for them both. May this next year treat you well, and show you joys and sorrows and the promise of a future the way only a mother can know.

And, something I hadn't realized until this year...It's also tyomniye birthday the same day. I know her life has been filled with sorrow as of late, but somehow, she manages on. Happy Birthday to you, it was good to see you again at alythe's wedding.

Random: this music? RAWR.

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