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Tip: It is better to quest and die, than never to have quested at all.

Believe it.

Oh, and my music selection? I cannot get it out of my head. YAAARGH. Bad radio. BAD. But it's so..catchy..

As a passing thought, I leave you with this. The human genome has 3 billion rungs of DNA, which is ~6 billion bits or 750 million bytes. The structure is replete with redundancy, for example the ALU exists 300,000 times. So with compression perhaps 30 million to 100 million bytes (30M megabytes to 100). That's smaller than the code for MS Word. Less than a CD capacity. Pretty amazing really, humanity. Something to be said for self organizing structures.

Irish men with guns were like squirrels with nuts, always stashing them, and sometimes forgetting where they were. → Tom Clancy Rainbow Six.
"Of course, how inconsiderate of me. Nattering away while you sit there dying." → Judith, Assassin from The Assassins Gallery by David L. Robbins.
"Power isn't killing my dear. Power is not needing to kill and still getting what you want." → Judith imagining a conversation with FDR.

Oh, unbearable cuteness.

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