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Dual duty. - Spirit — LiveJournal
Dual duty.
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Current Music: Rick James - Brickhouse
#1. Happy Birthday tinarobin. We don't talk much anymore, but sufficed to say, you are in my thoughts, and I wish you well on this day. One more year of your generous spirit and loving companionship cannot but help make this world a better place for the being.

#2. There is a job opening within my company, that I applied for, for a help desk technician. Not only would it be a pay raise (3 grades, but I have no idea what that correlates too), but it would be a schedule change. 7 days on, 12 hour shifts...then 7 days off. 3rd shift, but still. A week off at a stretch...:) Wish me luck.
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tangled_rhythms From: tangled_rhythms Date: July 18th, 2006 02:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
#1. You're sweet to have remembered, thank you for both the well wishes and the kind words. The feeling is more than mutual.

#2. Fingers are crossed and luck has been wished. I think it's a natural progression for you to go to Help Desk, although I wonder about the affect of those 7 days at 12 hours each on your body. Granted, I did it when I was about your age, but I'm allowed to worry about you. It's in the contract :)

Pay grade wise, that would be an extra $150-$200 a month for me to jump 3 grades. You can ask HR or Payroll for the grade scale. It doesn't have employee names on it, so it's not a private document. It'll just list the grades, what jobs are in those grades, and the pay for each step in those grades.
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