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Happy Birthday Flower-Mine.

Lady-love and lover-mine, companion of my heart, and bound to my soul.

It's your birthday, a day to be filled with warm wishes and memories, both of past such events, and ones to be held in the future. Not just memories of birthday's, but of life. A celebration of existence. I can only hope you celebrate, and that my selfish ramblings are taken as my celebration of you.

I met you when you walked up the stairs. I knew the moment I saw you, two things. One, you were going to be trouble for me (you weren't there for me.). Two, I've Known you for longer than I've known you. Dreams have a strange way of working out. Or maybe just my dreams guide my thoughts on the future. You seemed bewildered by 'us' all night. I watched you that night, unbeknownst to anyone, I think...Later, I quizzed the ensemble as to who you were. A detail here, a snippet there. Observations all around. Later I went home and thought strangely happy, yet sad thoughts. When things had settled down, it looked like you needed a friend, someone to talk to. Of course, those that you lived with were there for you, but I watched the cracks, the strange separations. I didn't know then. I just wanted to help, so I reached out...

Soon we had a dialogue, one that you preferred be carried out in person. I hardly minded. At the time I was realizing my own life had been somewhat empty of meaning, purposefully. I was prepared for everything but you, as the saying goes. As I realized this, you realized something else. I can only wish your realizing was less painful than mine. Suffice to say, not all the past has been roses. We both tried to hold the pieces of our lives together till they became too painful and ripped free. I had my harbour, bereft of it was, and you were free to drift. Soon enough, things came to be, and my harbour was yours. Through this all, I kept learning and yearning.

I decided early on to keep nothing from you. You saw me at my worst, and yet you did not turn away. You shared alike in this honesty, and soon I came to know you as few others have known you. You're a beautiful flower, and no-one should blind themselves to what you are, most of all you. We've spent countless hours alone in each others company, traveling connections and sharing of the past and the future alike. I've seen where you come from and want to know where you go. You've let me find parts of myself, and I want to do the same for you. I want to atone for the times when I've been upset, or caused you sadness, or conflict. I want to bring to you what you bring to me, and my daily journey is in this regard.

The journey will be long, it's not been short as it stands. Details are foggy, irrelevant in some cases. Stories are never as simple as the tale.

It is a grey day, but the sun shines through, suggesting. Yesterday was warm, eventually it will return. Spring peeks from everywhere, and spring is hope in nature's form. Flowers begin to bloom.

You will Bloom, Lily-Love.

A pansy shows you're in my thoughts
On this, your special day.
And fox-glove signifies the wishes
I'm sending along your way.
The flowers speak for me, you see,
In the time-honored, Victorian way.
My bouquet, while it might be lovely,
Has also got some things to say.
The jasmine wishes you a day full of joy,
And the crocus brings cheerfulness,
While the morning glory shows my affection,
And the forget-me-not, my remembrance.
I send you encouragement and beauty
With the golden rod and rose.
My kindness and faithfulness to you
The bluebells and violets show.
The periwinkle brings your way
A wish for sweet memories without end.
And the ivy, with her green and white leaves
Says our friendship will never end.

I love you. This is my surprise.

Happy Birthday.

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