Spirit (daimones) wrote,

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Jack! We missed you!

But can you please go back to being gloriously flaming and less prissy?

Why review movies when other people do it admirably: http://movies2.nytimes.com/2006/07/07/movies/07pira.html?8mu&emc=mu

I do so hate wasting words and all.

And minsies would have been proud, there were a few wenches dressed in ..well..I presume pirate garb. But still. Wench-like. Piratey. RRR.

Oh, P.S. Movie theater management. NEVER. EVER. try to amuse me by having people from the crowd do impersonations and sing. Please?

But still. Undead Monkey. Good for those, 'I just need to shoot something' moments.
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