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It's really funny how everything ties together in your head, isn't it?

The hospital opened up a park? thingy nearby where I work, a little half mile trail. It's meant for whatever, mostly running and walking, etc. But as I found out tonight, it's not half bad for rollerblading. Before I came home from work (and subsequently forgot I needed to get orange juice, grr) I wanted to take a stroll on this new marvel. Let me tell you, my calves were not happy with me after 3 miles. And my ability to stop on rollerblades certainly hasn't gotten better with lack of use. I'm pondering making this a more often stop. My body, it needs the exercise. And the wheels on my 'blades could probably be rotated.

I miss rollerblading, I do. And in true tying in fashion, the person most closely tied to rollerblading in my head is getting married. Guess that means I should figure out what I'm wearing. ;P

I know people have been whinging to me about updating, but I don't have much to say about my life. I bumble forward, doing the same old. Making some people happy, depressing others. All more or less par for the course, by my existence, etc.

Last week was breaking engines week. I managed to break a lawnmower and a car by my mere presence. The lawnmower is still broken. The grass, it grows, mocking.

I wrote a WoW addon while attempting to fix another one.

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"Fondling is like Visa, it's always welcome. Everywhere." → Not sure where I got this from, but we approve. Except when it's ayradyss from behind. That makes me squeak.

"What do we know of eternity, but the glimpse we get of it when we enter in that bond (of love)?" → Ursula K. Leguin, The Other Wind

"When your fiancée is a little fussy, that's demanding. When your fiancée is a little hussy, that's classic." → This was from an ad in a magazine.

-- Orson Scott Card quotes, I think all 'Bean' related books --
"For you, I'd get dysentery." "Now that's friendship."

"It slowed him down to have his own thoughts move around in circles; without outside stimulation it was hard to break free of his own assumptions. One mind can think only of it's own questions; it rarely surprises itself."

"He had paraphrased it a little, but God would understand."

"Nothing was wrong with any of us that five days cowering in blacked out rooms in the middle of a war couldn't cure."
-- Various WoT books from R.J. You know how you all joked he may die before he finished? : http://www.dragonmount.com/News/?p=267 --
"[She] would give you such an education as every man should have at least once in their life. If they can live through it."

"How could you possibly look ten women in the face and ask why they had gotten you drunk and made a game of taking your clothes off and putting you to bed?"

"Submissive…Probably means she gives you warning before she stabs you."

"Sleep well and wake ... Only [they] would wish you a good night by hoping you did not die in your sleep."




Because we enjoy slices of art and memories and what have you known as the icon.

And hey, I'll be kind. I won't even link all the links I have, because honestly? I don't feel like sorting, categorizing, etc, atm.

And also, this song is..ironic, to end on. Sorry minsies. Don't hate?

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