Spirit (daimones) wrote,

An insect bit my ass.

No, really. I and dragoni82 were out on her balcony, enjoying a bit of night air. Some of you may know that I do not wear underwear. I was not aware that underwear gave much of an ac bonus but it appears I was mistaken.

So, you know how jeans do that gape a bit at the waist above the apex of the back thing coccyx or tailbone? A flying bug of some random sort found itself apparently stuck. And reteliated by biting my ass right above said tailbone. Unfortunately all this did was make me smack my ass in annoyance and go 'OW!'. It died, which did not solve its dilemma, but left me with wondering why #1) my ass hurt and #2) having to pick out a dead bug from my nether region.

Enjoy knowing far too much about my ass this night.
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