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For those who care.

The command is service iptables save and not the command iptables-save. Stupid...

Now if only I could make selinux behave, but the application for which I wanted it to behave is more or less a triviality. But it'd be nice to know how to make it work.

Also, there's a cool spice market not even 3 miles from my house. I keep finding out the best things. M, what was that salsa you liked?


And Lisa just called me to ask me out to Snickers (a comedy bar) because her husband can't go (cause he's in Texas doing telcom things) and her other 'date' (her son) can't go either. Why is it my life was so boring for weeks and weeks and now...blam! Not-so-regretfully, I already have plans. But still.

At least the semi-cute waitress from Smokey Bones was interested in my WTS [WANG] shirt. First time anyone not a gamer in the know has ever commented on the shirt.

Edit: And for interesting content, because we all know you don't care about the rest of my blithering...New York porn star hits it big as wine-maker.

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