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tinarobin I blame you.

I was in some very mansiony-old forest sorta place. Wandering around with..someone. I can't remember if they were sick or what. There was a doctor? who owned the property and we were looking for him. Or at least, my companion was. When we arrived, the doctor bit the mans throat and the 'lens' of my dream zoomed up to see their betrayed face as the blood oozed out onto the floor and I dipped my finger into it, tasting it. With a sensation of bliss, I shed my coat and grew wings..angel wings, but tinged red...and not so much as grew them as flexed them, as if they hid under my coat or skin.

And then I flew. And I love that sensation in a dream.

And then I woke up.

I should take some more serious time to update various things...and I was gonna, but then I got a call from someone who just got wtfpwnd by the new credit card laws and is probably going to watch as her life collapses down around her and I feel pretty bad for her. I also have a chronicle of Dachary to put to paper. And one of Heather. And I need to wash my sheets, revacuum (cause the sheets are gonna make me vacuum again..stuipd mattress pad), do dishes...get my car a new headlight...

I also need to find a sufficiently green lady for my diary for St. Patty's. :)
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