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Bad luck.

I don't know what it is about me and my CD drives, but they really do have an alarmingly high rate of failure around me. And I don't even use the damn things much. I can't get the one on my computer to open...

I just wanted to play a CD...I tried even using the drive on the server..which didn't want to open at first, but did on second try. But I couldn't make the thing shareable intuitively and I don't have the searching desire in me to beat linux into submission. I really need a WoW Capable laptop too for nefarious traveling purposes. Not to mention that I could make windows share easy.

I'm gonna get a nap soonish I think. Prepare for my morning. Which thankfully better be the last time I have to take my mother to work. And then get a new headlight. maybe do laundry. clean, vacuum...

Mabye even get to updating my journal with something *gasp* meaningful. But now that's just crazy talk.

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