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Quick Report.

As you may have read, I didn't have hot water. Well, as of sometime Thursday hot water was restored by way of a hot water heater that's not older than I am. I can now set my water at hot and take 15 to 25 min long showers (I haven't had time to take one longer yet. ;) and not have to worry about it running out.

Heaven. Pure. Heaven.

More to come later. I haven't had a lot of time lately. Things in my head that need to come out but between the addiction, the visits, the work...I haven't had much time. Without further ado...

"You have sadistical tendencies. You should get that looked at."
"My brain in my stomach? Get me some prime rib, and I'll put it back in my dick where it belongs."
"Shooting people seemed to work for her. In fact, she was tired of -not- shooting people."

--Quotes from The Historian (note to alythe: The audio version is subtly abridged. It made me mad.--
"That is the beauty of the solid Marxist education you didn't have the privilege of receiving. Believe me, you can find labor issues in any topic if you look hard enough."
"That sound of bells floating across the water made my heart turn over; it seemed to me exactly one of those messages from the past that cry out to be read, even if one cannot be sure what they say."
"These atheist cultures were certainly diligent in preserving the relics of their saints."
"Her harsh beauty sent a pang through me, not of mere physical longing but of something akin to awe at her completeness. She was untouchable, mine but lost to me."

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