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God giveth...and he taketh away.

So. Today I wake up. Not an unusual occurrence, all in of itself. I roll over thinking it's a bit dark...look at clock. It's 6:30. Hrm. That's weird I think to myself. It can't be 6:30 in the morning because I was still up at that point. So unless I missed a day...FUCK. I'm late for work. Either I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep without waking up, or I never turned it on (it was set for the right time). No time to loose I dash to put on clothes, splash water in my face, grab my lunch and rush to work.

I'm an hour and a half late when I get here. Rush to clock in, check the email, etc...realize can't login to the critical business application we use. Send out an email to the helpdesk pager. Then with that done I'm 'waiting' finally, so I go to take my orange juice and lunch into the fridge, switch out the chair at the desk I use with the chair at what is technically 'my' desk...and see a note.

Jeff: Phoenix down all evening.

You know what that means? I'm going to sit here for my entire shift with nothing to do but maybe the occasional railroad BOL that might come across. Right after I see this note, they (IT) call me back and inform me in what was surprisingly technically detailed just why I can't log in and won't be able to until tomorrow if all goes well. They also asked if we talk to each other cause they -told- the day shift girl...but no email. :P

And even -worse- I'll still take an occurrence I bet from being late, even tho it means nothing in terms of workload. And since I treasure my PTO, I don't know that I want to burn it to make up the difference.


WTB a shower and some company.

P.S. I shouldn't have slept anyways. From the various personal emails I received the day would have been much better spent awake. I could have just slept at work. :P

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