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Hello Kitty indeed.

I had a dream! No really.

I woke up and looked around the spacious apartment, reveling in the smell of clean fluffy sheets. Warm wooden floors, big glass windows with sunlight streaming in turning everything golden...outside was a deck, and beyond that the ocean. It was beautiful outside, and the smell of the breeze and the ocean air was enough to draw me outside. Once there, I saw you swimming in the ocean. Long clean strokes, the sun dappling off the water, the water sloshing over you, showing off that you were swimming without a top on as it dribbled between shoulder blades. I watched you for a while, then went inside to make breakfast.

We ate on one of those low tables, smiling at each other comfortably, silent but content with that. Then you asked me why I didn't join you earlier if I had woken up. Suddenly we were cuddling, on the floor next to the table, me on my back, you on my side, running your leg up mine sensually as I ran my hands along your back (you had a shirt on now) and into your hair.

Then I -really- woke up. And realized that was not the ocean air I was smelling and I don't have hardwood floors. Oh, and I was cuddling my pillow.

*sighs* :)
Tags: dream

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