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Dream Theater.

I was alone in a mall. It was a big mall, like all such edifices are in my dreams...I met a beautiful woman who...was under some sort of duress and I saved her from it. I can't remember now. She was taller than me...she had a kind face, brown hair, green eyes..and I remember she had a fascinating smile. We wandered the mall, talking and laughing, eventually walking hand in hand. Then we decided to abscond elsewhere, not for any nefarious purpose that I can recall...but to abscond. So before leaving, Carrie (she has a name, because I knew her in HS) walked in and called out her name (I wish I could remember!) and she turned around, guilty suddenly, breaking hand contact with me. She and Carrie did the 'hi! *hugs*' thing, then Carrie turned to see me and said something like 'oh wow, Jeff! How neat. I'm actually here because the Academic Decathlon team (which is how I got to know Carrie besides her pretty face) is what I'm now coaching .. and they just won a lot of medals. I'm so proud!' Then the team came in amongst much chatter, with much cowbell..they were 'older' men, obviously not high school age. All men, some of the medals were oddly shaped too. Like the medal that was two medals attached..one to either end of a two toned bar hanging around a guy's neck by a chain. They flirted with the lady with whom I'd been in the mall with, and she looked properly cute bout it...and then Carrie announced, 'Shush boys, she's taken.' They look at me, Carrie laughs. 'No, not him.' They eventually move off...I look at her and ask about her boy...she smiles very sadly, and I know that there will no longer be absconding at all...and before she can say anything....

I woke up.

Damn you Tristan and Isolde. Damn you guilt.

(good movie btw. It'll thrill the historical geeks. Very Irish, well done sword work that's not 'flashy', good historical detail..even with a few things out of period. Few people will notice, and they're nothing you can't forgive them for. :)

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