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A record of my dreams would be neat. Barring that, I have to content myself with LJ. :)

I was in nykki's old house. Except it was huge. Freakin' 'uge. And I went exploring. The entire family was in there, somewhere. It was kinda neat in that old, creepy, funhouse sorta way. Bri was with me. Occasionally we'd run into nykki, she'd explain something, or show some secret off, and then go on her merry way.

Then at the end, some guy named Chase? Chevy? walked by me and poked me in the nose. I asked him who he was, he responded, and then kept on going upstairs. Then nykki came by and I asked her if she knew him. She responded yes. I told her I didn't like him. She scoffed at me and said it must be because she loved him more than me.

Then she went away.

Then I woke up, half an hour before my alarm was set to go off.

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