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Oh, Rose...

"You see people Jack." She says as she caresses a piece of art.

I've been told I see people too. Someone who was once very dear to me said, after telling me the above... You just sort of take people as they are...It's like you cut through all the clutter. Bonus points if you can guess any similarities beside statement.

But the only artistic endeavors I have any right to engage in are the ones that are painted with words, not color. I do not regret this, though I often wish I had music in my fingers or color needing to be spilled and etched into the fabric of the world. It is after all the things we notice about ourselves the most, the lacking, and not the richness that others see. Especially music...The things music does to me I wish I could make music do to others. To vibrate along the strings I set and not need rely on someone else’s.

Instead I can but hope that the words I pen are read the same was as I intended them to be, as I myself understand them to be. Of course, this is not to be so.

Oh Rose...

Today I received my Mothers birthday and Christmas presents. Yay. She had been told not to expect them, so it'll be surprising? I also received two letters, one of which needs a special mention....Thank you Nay for what you said. It means a lot, especially because I know what a horrible time you and yours have been through lately. You deserve beautiful, wonderful things. And you'd probably just settle for marginally dry. That's part of what makes you special. Merry Christmas.

And! I received a package from a lovely daffodil. It contained Lego’s that are meant to be Christmas ornaments...very cute...but more important, it contained fudge of the type that I affectionately refer to as, 'fudge that'll make women stand up and beg.'

And since there aren't any women in my life, it's all mine.

Thank you. =)

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