So, I got a leather vest for Christmas. My initial response is, 'now i need to buy chaps and a harley.' For some of you may remember my less sedate days where I actually wore leather pants. Can't lie, I wanted to break them out, (i'd have to get shoes to fit tho again but yes they still fit!), put on my vinyl shirts with leather studs and wrap myself up in a leather vest and adorn myself in black shades.

Later when I was putting it away, I put it on over the sweater and button down I was wearing and laughed. :P Does look pretty good with jeans. Not sure what even would fit that combo that I may attend. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Leather smells good. When did I get (more) boring. ;)

P.S. I got legos.
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Today was fubar fnar and on top of me being just getting over a nasty 3 day upper respiratory infection that sidelined my wedding anniversary trip plans and ate into my vacation, I just about couldn't handle it. I lost my temper for the first time in a while and it was...unpleasant. Also, seriously 6 hours to procure a Christmas tree? F that.

Future self: You deliberately didn't write down what made you mad today bc you don't want to remember in the future. It was spouse related. It was nothing. It was both of your faults.

It's days like today that make me miss WoW for the nights that follow. I miss the socialization of the game while I can mindlessly grind away at some task for some purpose. Especially since sleep seems unlikely. I could play D3, I suppose, but I've never figured out how to do the multiplayer part of that game. Reasons I play D3, I can play it in 30m increments. A trick I never did figure out w WoW. :)

In unrelated news. Seriously.

I put together my wife's new computer and finally got it up and running. I decommissioned the system I bought in 2008. Pretty decent really, a few days over 6 years. It was the last system I had that had an IDE controller, so after I used it to look through the old IDE drives I still had (they had nothing on them of note so I got rid of them), I began to tear it down into a small pile of 'keep' and a bigger pile of 'recycle' and a small pile of 'sell/trash?'. It was also the last system I had that I and Joe directly collaborated on. I found myself getting nostalgic remembering our friendship. Some highlights: WoW - tbf, he didn't get me started, that I did bc of Bri/nykkit/Matt, but he got me into raiding which is what sunk it's dirty little teeth into me and didn't let go for 9 years. ;), computer building - he taught me what to look out for and reliable sources to find information for the heavy lifting I can't do myself, a love of random late night runs to ihop, and he even helped me pick out my first car. Our friendship didn't survive, but it was truly one of the few adult male friendships I've had - all my other 'guy' friends were pre 18 - and oddly enough I felt bad throwing away the machine bits that remained. I'm a nostalgic kinda of guy? I know very recently he lost his job and I hope he manages to land feet down and running.

Future self: So Watts sent you that message on facebook. How'd that turn out? You better not have been a pansy and not told Lisa.
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From a Time article.

So where do you fall on the evolutionary debate?
I have trouble with orthodoxy in any form. I fell, having studied the 19th century evolutionary debate, a newfound sympathy for the pain that this discovery brought to people who, prior to Darwin, would have happily called themselves men of science and men of God. We now have a world full of scientists who have no faith and the faithful who have no reason, and that's a great loss for all of us.

Hi. More S2 nonsense that i feel the need to share.

So I use lj as my journal/syndicate reader. I'm very fond of my style, but it's not perfect, and hell, it's not even up to date anymore. But it does what I need. Warning, small geek quotient ahead: A 'quirk' of my snazzy links was that because a table was a block level element, if the link was contained within an inline element, such as a paragraph tab, it would created a newline when rendering. Very obnoxious, but fixing it was...beyond my css skills and honestly w/o javascript, I'm not sure it was fixable. So I lived - generally it only affected my syndicated links. Used to be back in the day I would pay attention to things like CSS support in browsers because I still believed I would get to use them professionally someday. (nope. not bitter. Hint, I'm whinging.) That day has long since passed. If it hadn't, I would have been alerted to the advent of the box-radius property sooner. I came across it randomly and a lightbulb went off. Long story short, I was able to replace a metric ton of code, the bulk of which is a complicated table like the above reference link mentions with some css.

border:1px solid $headerPlus3;
box-shadow:0px 0px 0px 1px $headerMinus5;

I love technology. And no obnoxious line breaks!

Reality update: Work proceeds. Looking for better, need to be able to support family++ (groceries, car maintenance, vet bills, wishing for monies for schooling, hell I'd like to retire, maybe even own my own home someday?). Really want to get my wife through her degree first since it'll realize higher returns immediately. My wife is having health issues related to blood pressure and fainting. Our respective mothers are still insane, tho I think hers is worse. Maybe filial duty, i have no idea. Her brother is getting kicked out of where he's at and has no place to live. We still haven't done 2012 taxes. Thankful that of all the above crazy, at least the insurance and health spending portion as relates to monies is taken care of via work at this time.

Spending my mental energy to figure out a tiny display problem may seem trivial in the face of all that, but it still makes me happy. God help me. I'm going to eat me a pb&j. Take it away G&R.
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Oh S2, I've missed you.

My journal was breaking when certain communities would post. More accurately, a self written function used to produce my spiffy links would not terminate because it was badly written. :P So I found someone else's function and used it instead. Very similarly written, which makes me happy...amused that old me never realized the terrible condition that would cause my old function to fail. Anyways. Problem fixed. While I was there, I even fixed one other minor display error. When I first setup my LJ, the idea of having a 24" monitor was...absurd. =)

So, today, for the first time in god knows how long...I fiddled with my LJ layout. I miss S2, or more accurately, I miss the problem solving part of coding. Even if in the scheme of things, this was a tiny thing, it felt nice. I even got to use the coders, 'enh, that's good enough' clause - I realized that it's been long enough that they've changed a lot of the linkbar stuff (the buttons that let you edit, track, etc. Maybe just text links on your layout, who knows) and I'm not sure if the hacked function I have properly lets all the new stuff work. But honestly, you know how often I use those? Yeah. That's what I thought too.

It was a pleasant way to waste an hour. Maybe 2. :) Very nostalgic.

Is this thing still on?

So, I wanted to post a few things after reading back through some old entries. A) My first page spans more than a year and b) My life is much different now.

I still live at home with my grandmother and my mother. My wife (hey I got married - if you didn't know, and want pics, you clearly aren't on my facebook. If I like you, this can be remedied) and I live in the bottom floor/basement. It could be better, but without us here, my mom and grandmother wouldn't be able to stay here. I'm a much different person in a lot of ways. I'm much less conflicted. I think this could be a lot of self work I've been doing...or maybe that I've had a stable job now for over a year with a company I enjoy, and hope I can get promoted at. =) It's done wonders to be able to support my family. :P Still though as a part of being stable and my particular job, I've become a better communicator, and along with my wife, both of us are working to be better people than what we were.

I will always have some work to do. I think right now, the big one for me is getting out and having a community. It is rare that I do things with other people that are not quasi work events. I work out with my wife 1 to 2x a week, that's it. Tonight I got to hang out with Darryl and a bunch of people that are gamers/extended family and I realize how much fun it is to just hang out with a bunch of like minded intelligent OPEN people. (seriously, when was the last time you had an open and honest conversation about BDSM nudist communities - why do we still call them colonies, anyways? - in a Chinese restaurant...) If only Lisa didn't get a migraine because she's still struggling with managing her newly discovered diabetes and I wasn't still in the middle of this nasty f* headcold. She gets out more than me, and I admit, she's more social but still. She has her spirituality classes, and she 'goes out with the girls' to do pampered chef parties, sewing stuff, candle stuff, etc...I need to find some hobbies that are outside my computer and that actually involve a good group of people. I've been pondering trying to find a maker faire, it seems pretty up my ally. =)

Ah well, I'm sure in 2 years I'll post again and I can see what's changed since then. And between now and then, I'll learn to use paragraphs appropriately in my LJ (hahahahaha).

I could go back to dream posting - I did actually derive some benefit from that. This morning, for example, I was discussing a dream element of mine that involves stairs (stairs in my dreams are...ominous). Not sure if it was my dream or not. Probably not, I don't dream very much - my wife i s much more active in that regard.
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The very brief explanation that appears around 30s in, you may want to pause to read. A) that's a hell of a course, b) that's a lot of driving skill and c) that's a heck of a car. Many pairs of tires were killed to bring you this video.

And onward: I took some pictures last night, or attempted to, of a really big spiderweb that has been gracing our front porch for the better part of a month now. Apparently the spider thinks we bring in good food, I dunno. It's hard to get pictures of a web, it really is. I got one where the web is all shimmery, though. It's times like these I wish I knew more about photography. If people really want, I can upload.

Add it to my list of thing I can learn someday when I have money. More pressingly, I'd spend that money on getting various certificates that tell people I have a clue. Still looking for full time work. Just got done with a contract job. Worried about that'll happen if I don't find something soon, but I've been worried now for 2 years running and somehow yet still haven't hit the end of the wall. We won't even talk about the 'family' money situation. /sigh

I've gotten a few emails/queries about 'hey where are you' and to those I mostly haven't replied. I'm in a bad place right now and don't really know how to come out of it. I spend nearly all my time looking for a job, playing WoW when my eyes aren bleeding from the prior, and every now and again I go outside to remind myself why I am bothering. :)
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Right now, if you meet some prerequisites, you can give out free fuzzy dice vgifts.

I want one. :) I don't know who to give mine yet to, but I'll do trades!


I was wandering around with Lisa (but I felt younger, like 21'ish), and there was a sermon going on in a gym auditorium (think your average small highschool gym). We came in, interrupted the sermon with a slam of the door. The preacher guy kept on going. I don't know what words he was saying. It ended shortly after, and we came up to talk to the preacher. There was another person who had listened to the sermon who said something like, 'No offense, but you ruined the mood for me.' or something like that, but with swear words. The preacher didn't seem to mind. We all left.

Now we're wandering some more through an alley type environment and there was some reason I threw a ball. It hit the frame of a second story window (there was no glass in the window) and the whole thing fell down brick and all. The same guy from the sermon poked his head out and was all, 'you again, god damn' blah blah. But then I said, 'I'll take care of it man, let me give you my info, we'll even get you some glass.' and then all of a sudden he was all smiles and invited us in.

Then I woke up.
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